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TeleBlend Snaps Up SunRocket VoIP Access

Oakland, Calif. — Broadband phone company TeleBlend has acquired “limited strategic assets” from now-defunct provider SunRocket.

TeleBlend is a joint offering between Unified Communications and USA Telephone, a Competitive Local Exchange Carrier (CLEC) that describes its mission as acquiring young or ailing companies that show growth potential.

With the acquisition of SunRocket’s assets from SunRocket’s liquidators, TeleBlend joins 8×8 as one of two “preferred providers” recommended to former SunRocket subscribers in an email and voicemail campaign.

SunRocket users who chose TeleBlend can retain their existing SunRocket hardware, unlike those who switch to 8×8. TeleBlend will charge SunRocket users $12.95 a month for unlimited domestic calls for the remainder of their SunRocket contracts. Some features, such as voicemail, are still under development, according to the company Web site. After the contract expires, prices will rise to $19.99 a month.

According to the TeleBlend site, the business will ultimately expand to offer service to all consumers, not just former SunRocket customers, at an unspecified date.

SunRocket was the second largest pure-play VoIP provider before it abruptly cancelled its service last week.