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Technicolor Certifies Seiki 4K Cable, Adapter

Las Vegas – Technicolor announced at International CES that Seiki’s U-Vision Ultra HD up-converting HDMI cable and adapter are the first accessory products to receive Technicolor 4K Image Certification.

With this new class of products, Seiki is creating a new way for consumers to view HD content on 4K Ultra HD TVs. The U-Vision brand 4K up-conversion HDMI cable and adapter will incorporate active electronics that up-convert FullHD content into high-quality 4K Ultra HD, while enabling consumers to see the benefits of 4K TV from any source device, Technicolor said.

 The firm’s certification program, introduced last year, validates detail enhancement, edge restoration, noise reduction and up-scaling technologies to create a Hollywood movie experience in the home with HD content.

 “Technicolor is leveraging its expertise in Hollywood to establish a leadership position to drive consumer adoption of 4K,” said Manuele Wahl, Technicolor technology licensing senior VP. “We deliver innovative picture technologies at every stage of the video workflow and the 4K Image Certification program is just one of Technicolor’s strategies to speed deployment and create a quality 4K viewing experience for consumers.”

 The Seiki U-Vision HDMI cable and adapter are designed to work with 4K Ultra HD TVs to improve picture quality of HD video content, while performing real-time detail enhancement, edge restoration and noise reduction.

Both support 1080p up-conversion to 4K on video signals up to 30Hz.

The U-Vision HDMI cable will be available in the first quarter of 2014 with a suggested retail of $39.99. The U-Vision HDMI adapter will be available in the second quarter.

“Seiki’s new U-VISION up-conversion HDMI products will empower 4K Ultra HD TV owners to create and experience the highest quality digital entertainment at home without waiting for 4K content,” said Frank Kendzora, executive VP, Seiki, LLC. “With Technicolor 4K Image Certification and advanced 4K video processing technology, Seiki aims to make today’s 4K Ultra HD TVs more practical for the home, and at the same time build consumer confidence about 4K Ultra HD as the next TV standard.”

 Today’s film studios use 4K as the native format for production of Hollywood movies, and it will eventually become the content standard for the new generation of 4K TVs. In the meantime, while the industry transitions to native 4K content, it’s critical that consumers also be able to enjoy the benefits of 4K TV for their existing HD content libraries.

 In addition, entertainment content that consumers watch on their TVs increasingly comes from a multiplicity of sources beyond cable, satellite and over-the-air connections. DVD and Blu-ray players, streaming-media players, laptops and desktops, game consoles, set-top boxes and more bring a diverse video and graphics viewing experience. However, the variety of different video resolutions, frame rates and compression formats from these sources results in uneven levels of quality, which are particularly evident when viewing on a 4K TV. Technicolor’s Image Certification initiative addresses this dilemma.