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Tebow Shows Soul

LAS VEGAS — Soul Electronics, the headphones manufacturer helmed by rapper Ludacris, used International CES to launch its Tim Tebow line and had Tebow himself unveil the line at a press conference on Thursday at the Venetian.

Tebow skillfully side-stepped questions about his current NFL status — one of the models is named the Jet, which, as Tebow pointed out, really refers to its designated audience, the business traveler.

Also part of the line will be athletic-themed models known as the Combat headphones. “I was so interested in having something that was comfortable, that I could run around in … So many headphones could be comfortable or sound great, but when you’re warming up, they’re going to fall off and that’s a big distraction. So we came up with these Combat models that are something that you can keep that same focus, pre-game, working out, and they’re going to hold.”

When asked how he thinks his line will stand out in the crowded headphones market, Tebow noted the variety of audiences the company is targeting. “For athletes … we have something for them. For someone that is flying a lot, that needs that noise cancellation … we’ve got a pair for them. For the mom that is doing a few more extra dishes but wants to be comfortable, to listen to her gospel, her country, whatever she wants, we have something for them. … Whoever you are, whatever you’re doing, we have something that’s going to fit you, and that’s something we’re really excited about.”