Team ACX To Market Glasses-Free 3D TV

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New York -

Team ACX

recently showed prospective dealers its new Vibrante 3DX-24 auto-multiscopic (glasses-free) 3D HDTV during International CES.

The Vibrante 3DX-24, which is slated to reach stores at the end of the first quarter, is said to expand upon ACX's commercially available (glasses-free) auto-multiscopic 3D hardware providing a consumer-focused glasses-free 3D experience using non-proprietary open standards, and a flexible modular deployment model.

The glasses-free display system was developed in collaboration with AMD and Sonic Solutions.


Vibrante, which is being positioned as a FullHD 3D LCD TV including a tuner, uses a computer as its primary source component. 

Full 1080p resolution is delivered from a Windows 7 PC to the Vibrante HDTVs via a single HDMI cable connected to an AMD Radeon (5000-6000 series) graphics card.

Sonic created a Roxio/ACX Cineplayer BD player that takes any media and converts it on the fly to 3D for the auto-multiscopic displays. Sources include standard-definition DVDs, Blu-ray Discs, 3D Blu-ray Discs and home movies recorded in MPEG-4. 

Future capabilities of the player will include streaming live content, sporting events, 3D gaming and content rendered specifically for the Vibrante auto-multiscopic format, the company said.

The ACX 3DX-24, which will carry an $800 suggested retail, features a 23.6-inch LCD auto-multiscopic high-definition 3D TV based on a proprietary lenticular configuration. It set is said to display Full 1080p resolution for both 2D and 3D content. 

The company has already signed up several retailers to carry the set, including Costco,, BJ's Wholesale and Nebraska Furniture Mart.

Additional screen sizes and models are planned in coming months.

ACX said it is targeting a core consumer audience of information-enabled 10- to 39-year-olds as early adopters, quickly ramping up to whole family use. ACX is working with a strategic plan for target expansion.

The company's core philosophy is to provide innovation at an affordable price for the everyday consumer. 

"ACX has always believed that our customers should decide the how, where, and when they interact with technology and content, and the only way to achieve this basic end is to rely upon open standards on a flexible platform within a familiar user environment," said James Virrilli, Team ACX chief engineer and CEO. "One need only use their imagination to realize where our 3D technology will ultimately lead - from streaming live sporting events to interactive entertainment and gaming, all of it rendered in high definition 3D without the necessity or inconvenience of ever putting on a pair of specialized glasses."


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