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TE Unveils HDMI Extender With Updated HDBase-T

Indianapolis – Transformative Engineering (booth 3404) will
introduce at this week’s CEDIA Expo (Sept. 8-10) next-gen HDMI extenders and
switchers implementing new HDBase-T technology providing custom installers with
improved audio/video/data distribution capabilities.

The new HDBase-T implementation is said to include the first use
of simultaneous Audio Return Channel (ARC) and Home Ethernet Connection (HEC),
allowing audio signals to be sent back from a TV to an AV receiver while
maintaining a home internet connection over the same HDMI  cable.


new products also support Power Over HDBase-T (POH) capabilities
that eliminate the need for separate power supplies at the receiver module and
provide the ability to remotely power ancillary equipment.

HDBase-T is consumer electronic connectivity technology for
long-distance transmission of uncompressed high-definition video, audio,
100BaseT Ethernet, high-power over cable and various controls, via a 100m
Cat5e/Cat6 cable with 8P8C RJ45 connectors.

The new updates to the technology are employed in the company’s
new HD-1 Improved HDMI extender and will be selectively applied to the new QX-4
Matrix Switcher, which offers 4-by-4 (expandable to 8-by-8) matrix

“These new products are in keeping with the company’s philosophy
of providing custom installers with a 
targeted number of multi-purpose products rather than dozens of limited
capability devices,” Transformative Engineering said in a statement announcing
the products Tuesday. “Wherever possible, T-E provides installers with a clear
and economical upgrade path that can grow to meet the evolving needs of end

The HD-1 Improved Extender is among the first HDBase-T products that
fully utilize all of the current 5-Play protocols, including: full uncompressed
HD (1080p) video, audio (including all current Digital Surround formats),
100BaseT over Ethernet, Power over Cable, and various control signals over a
single 100 Meter LAN cable.

This results in a fully-compliant HDMI 1.4a product
(Certification Pending).  Improved
features from the previous generation include Power Over HDBase-T, used to
power ancillary equipment; simultaneous HEC & ARC transmission; and
Power-On-Demand, greatly reducing power usage and heat generation.

 Transformative Engineering
has also introduced the QX-4 HDBase-T Matrix Switcher with HDMI 1.4a-compliant
circuitry.  The product performs as a
4-by-4 Matrix switcher with both local (HDMI) and long-run, 100 Meter
(HDBase-T) outputs.

TE said it designed the unit to be configurable and upgradable to
an 8-by-8 Matrix Switcher. 

The Matrix Switchers include Power-Over-HDBase-T (meaning the
receiver end is powered by the Transmitter), IR Two-Way Communication, Ethernet
over Base-T, and Power-On-Demand Circuitry.

In addition, a provision for overall IR remote control (with
Discrete commands), and RS232 interface are included.

The HD-1 Improved will be available in the end of September and will
be sold concurrently with the standard HD-1.