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TDK Shipping Blu-ray Media

TDK said it has begun shipping 25GB recordable and rewritable Blu-ray Disc media to retailers across the United States. The company reported it is the first to market with bare Blu-ray Disc media.

Retail pricing has been set at a suggested $19.99 for a 25GB BD-R (recordable), and $24.99 for 25GB BD-RE (rewritable).

In addition, TDK said it will ship 50GB media later this year, with suggested retail set at $47.99 for a 50GB BD-R and $59.99 for a 50GB BD-RE.

The single-sided discs are bare, cartridge-free media. The 25GB products are single layer, while the 50GB products have a dual-layer recording material structure.

The company first shipped mass production samples in December of last year, and with the subsequent issuance of the relevant license, the company immediately commenced full-force manufacturing, said TDK.