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TDK To Ship 6x Blu-ray Discs

Oakdale, Minn. — Imation is launching TDK Life on Record brand Blu-ray recordable (BD-R) and Blu-ray recordable double-layer (BD-R DL) blank discs with 6x recording speed.

TDK claims the 6x discs have the fastest recording speeds currently available in the U.S. market, with data transfer rates of up to 216Mbps — approximately equivalent to 20x recordable DVD media. With a compatible recorder 25GB of data can be recorded in as little as 17 minutes — approximately six minutes faster than the company’s previous-generation 4x BD-R discs, Imation said.

They feature Durabis 2 hard-coating technology to combat scratches, fingerprints and dust, and include an inorganic double-layer metal recording structure that resists against breakdown from exposure to light, the company said.

TDK Life on Record Blu-ray 6x media will ship next month in 25GB single-layer and 50GB double-layer capacities for a suggested retail of $13.99 for a BD–R disc and $32.99 for a BD-R DL disc.

In addition, the company is launching a line of Blu-ray cleaning and storage accessories, including Opticloth for Blu-ray reusable microfiber cloths, dry one-time use Blu-ray “Clean Cloths,” a Blu-ray player laser-lens cleaner and Blu-ray Tyvek disc-storage sleeves.

The accessories line will begin shipping in November.