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TDK Reveals 320GB Optical Disc Technology

Tokyo – TDK will display at the CEATEC Show, held Oct.
6-10, a newly developed write-once optical disc offering a total storage capacity
of 320GB, according to a report from the Nikkei Electronics news service.

The disc, which
has 10 layers, each with a 32GB capacity, has significantly more storage volume
that today’s 25GB per layer Blu-ray Discs.

The technology
uses the same write and reading specs â€” a blue-violet laser with a 405nm
oscillation wavelength and an objective lens with a 0.85 numerical aperture â€”
as the Blu-ray format.

Nikkei reported
that the technology builds on a write-once recording disc TDK revealed in 2006,
but that format had just six layers, each of which with 33.3GB of capacity
(200GB total).