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TDK Readies First Bluetooth Speakers

Oakdale, Minn. – TDK Life on Record plans October shipments of its first four Bluetooth speakers to complement its premium lineup of iPod/iPhone-docking boomboxes and tabletop audio systems.

 The four models, shipping in October at a suggested $249 to $399, include portable AC/DC models, and all are capable of streaming the Bluetooth SBC codec and the higher quality AAC codec over a wireless Bluetooth pipe. Apple’s Mac OS computers and mobile iOS devices support AAC over Bluetooth.

 The four products include the $399 Wireless Boombox with 2.1 speaker system, built-in rechargeable battery, FM tuner, remote control, 3.5mm stereo auxiliary input, adjustable bass and treble equalization, USB device charging port, and integrated carrying handle.

 The $299 DC-only Wireless Sound Cube features 2.1 speaker system, USB device charging port, integrated carrying handle, adjustable bass and treble equalization, 3.5mm stereo auxiliary input and remote.

 The $249 Wireless Weatherproof Speaker is a ruggedized AC/DC model with built-in rechargeable battery, integrated microphone, 2.1-speaker configuration, integrated tilt-back stand, 3.5mm stereo auxiliary input, and USB device charging port.

 The $399 Wireless Charging Cube incorporates wireless charging via a built-in Qi induction-charging pad on top. Users place a Qi-compatible mobile device on top to charge the device while also streaming its music via Bluetooth. The system features a 2.1 speaker system, adjustable treble and bass, 3.5mm stereo auxiliary input, USB charging port and weatherized design.