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TDK Highlights BD-R Discs At CES

TDK will be showing its BD-R Blu-ray Disc media as well as DVD and CD storage cases at booth N215 during International CES.

TDK said the 50GB Blu-ray Discs, and thermal and inkjet printable BD-R will begin shipping in the second quarter.

In addition, TDK recently announced it had achieved a capacity of 200GB. One of TDK’s new prototype 200GB blue-laser discs could store approximately 18 hours of high-definition video (encoded at 24Mbps). The massive capacity discs would be ideally suited for backing up HD editing sessions and archives.

TDK’s advanced material science played a key role in enabling the development of 200GB blue-laser disc technology. For the 200GB technology development, TDK has stretched the physical margins of the Blu-ray Disc format, enabling a disc to store up to 33.3GB per layer while staying within the tolerances of the BD playback specifications. Current Blu-ray Discs store 25GB per layer.

TDK is also introducing its Snap N’ Save product line, recordable DVD and CD media supplied in innovative Snap N’ Save cases.

The cases snap closed, securely protecting discs by sealing out dirt, dust and other contaminants that can have a negative impact on media performance. TDK is offering DVD and CD media in Snap N’ Save cases in a variety of colors and pack sizes.

The TDK line of Snap N’ Save DVD and CD products is currently available. Estimated retail prices are as follows: 16x DVD-/+R, 10-pack, $14.99; 16x DVD-/+R, 25-pack, $19.99; CD-R80, 25-pack, $12.99.