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TCL Shows TV+, Roku 4K, QD Technologies

LAS VEGAS – TCL is moving into smart TV in a big way in 2015.

The company is showing here an assortment of nextgen TV technologies, including a new smart-TV platform called TV+ and its first LED LCD TVs equipped with quantum-dot technology.

TCL also remains committed to the Roku TV line it introduced last year and will expand the technology in new models for 2015, including the first Ultra HD TVs to include the capability.

The new TV+ system, which is designed to help users effortlessly navigate multiple content channels, by intuitively moving from cable, to streaming videos, to online music and interactive gaming.

In addition, TCL TV+ combines the latest display and acoustic processing technology with interactive features including multimedia sharing, smart remote control and an electronic program guide.

TCL said that in order to implement the TV+ strategy, TCL is building various partnerships with content providers across the globe to provide customized entertainment experiences to its users.

On the Roku TV end, TCL said 4K Ultra HD will move into the picture for the first time, with an E6700 Ultra HD LED LCD TV series that will support 4K streaming through the Roku smart TV platform.

In total for 2015, TCL plans to offer 15 TV models in the first half, 14 of which will be new and 12 of which will have Roku TV capability, making approximately 75 percent of the company’s line Roku TV capable models.

As for quantum-dot TVs announced several weeks ago, TCL said it will offer the technology in displays to generate 140 percent of the sRGB (current LED TV delivers ~98 percent) color gamut (100 percent NTSC). The capability is said to achieve close to the full color spec used in the Digital Cinema Initiative standard.

Like other manufacturers, TCL is using the technology to offer a cost-competitive higher performance TV line to LG’s OLED sets.

TCL said its quantum-dot models produce a “crystal clear image that presents viewers with a true-to-life entertainment experience.”

Basic colors like red, blue and green are enriched, becoming brighter and much more vivid than on conventional LEDs, TCL said.

TCL will also present its 110-inch 4K Ultra HD curved LED LCD TV with active 3D technology and 800 nits of brightness.

The display is said to offer a 55-degree field of view at a 9.8-foot viewing distance. TCL said it also produces a near glasses-free 3D effect and strong black levels without reflection.