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TCL To Make Ikea’s Upplea Components


TCL has teamed up with Swedish furniture
retailer Ikea to develop and manufacture its new
living room concept of complete TV-solutions including
TV, sound and furniture.

TCL is one of the China’s largest TV manufacturers,
and also produces sound systems and Blu-ray Disc

The two companies are developing furniture solutions
with integrated technology.

The concept is said to reflect “the aspiration of TCL
— The Creative Life — to bring innovative and creative design
enhancing its technology advances and blending
seamlessly in consumer interiors.”

Tomson Li, TCL Group chairman, said the partnership
“reflects our commitment to fully enable everyone to discover
a new world of entertainment and services in an innovative
design for seamless integration into your home.”

“TCL is a large and competent supplier that immediately
understood our ambition to create unique and complete
TV solutions from a home furnishing point of view
and supported in making the right choices and by developing
and manufacturing these products,” stated Marcel
Godfroy, Ikea of Sweden, project leader.

TCL currently offers a smart TV, based on Cloud computing
technology, with an intuitive graphic user interface
and built-in Wi-Fi connectivity.

Ikea, a global retail home-furnishings chain, said it
plans to offer the integrated A/V electronics/furniture
system line, called Uppleva, in five European cities
starting in June, throughout seven European countries
this autumn and in its remaining markets in the summer
of 2013.

System prices are expected to start at around $963.
They will be available in a variety of screen sizes and colors,
and will include wireless speakers and built-in CD/
DVD/Blu-ray players.

This is another interesting case of furniture and electronics
meeting recently in search of higher margins.
Conn’s recent observation is that it foresees its furniture
and bedding business comprising as much as 50 percent
of its sales mix over time at the expense of CE.

And the Nationwide Marketing Group said at its group
meeting in February that it is putting an emphasis on
more bedding and furniture sales for its members, and
trying to attract more furniture retailers to carry CE and

Nationwide wants to attract 1,000 more retailers to
the group, many of them furniture dealers and they want
those dealers to begin to sell CE to increase store traffic.