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Taylor Awarded For Newark Move

Newark, N.J. – Panasonic North America chairman and CEO Joseph M. Taylor this week received the 2012 Cary Edwards Leadership Award from New Jersey Future at its 11th annual Smart Growth Awards ceremony.

Taylor was recognized for his role in Panasonic’s plans to move its North American headquarters to a new site in Newark, N.J. in the summer of 2013 as part of its commitment to serving as a worldwide green business technology leader.

“Joe Taylor has exhibited exceptional leadership and vision in choosing to relocate his company’s headquarters to downtown Newark, where infrastructure already exists and employees will have easy access to a major regional transit hub,” said New Jersey Future executive director Peter Kasabach. “Mr. Taylor’s decision now to invest in Newark’s ongoing revitalization will provide lasting benefits to Panasonic, to its employees and to the city itself, and we are proud to recognize his vision with this award.”          

Taylor “Panasonic is transforming itself to become the leader in green electronics innovation, and the move to Newark is a key strategic step for us.  It will allow us to retain over 1,000 jobs in this state, create a model environmental workplace in the city and enable our employees to use the Newark Penn Station transit hub, which is only one block away from where they will be working. Most importantly, it is my hope that Panasonic’s relocation will encourage other companies looking for public transportation-friendly options to consider relocating to Newark, which I consider to be a city that is on the tipping point of a transition to a bright new stage in its history as a commercial center.”