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Targus Noise-Cancellation Headphones Ship

Anaheim, Calif. — Targus has introduced its Travel-Ease active noise-cancellation headphones with a proprietary one-button “Talk Through” feature that enables a user to disable the active noise cancellation to hear conversation without removing the headphones.

The headphones use a combination of active and passive noise cancellation. During active noise cancellation the microphones feed noise through an electric circuit where it is processed and causes the speakers to produce a sound that minimizes noise. Passive noise cancellation results from the large size of the ear cups and ear pads that are designed to surround and seal the ear, preventing a large degree of noise from entering the headphones.

“Targus’ Travel-Ease active noise-cancellation headphones are an ideal companion for mobile executives or commuters,” said Michael Greco, product marketing director. “The headphones are compatible with most notebook computers running Windows or Macintosh-based operating systems,
DVD players, portable music players and in-flight entertainment systems, or can simply be used by themselves to reduce unwanted noise and distraction.”

The headphones include one AA battery, one 6.3mm audio jack and one dual-airline audio jack. An on/off switch controls the noise cancellation feature while the audio bypass function allows the audio to continue functioning even when the batteries are exhausted. 

An adjustable headband ensures a comfortable fit, the company said. The headphones fold
flat to be stored in the included carrying pouch.

The headphones weigh 8 ounces and measure 6 inches by 1.5 inches by 7.5 inches
when collapsed. They retail for $69.99.