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Target To Carry Kindle

– Target took the honors today of being the first third-party retailer to carry
the Kindle.

The e-reader will
be sold at Target’s flagship Minneapolis
location starting on April 25, along with 102 south Florida
stores and one store in Washington
state, according to Joshua Thomas, a spokesman for Target.

The Kindle will
retail for $259 and will be shown on an interactive display, Thomas told TWICE.
“It will be on a tethering system,” he said, “and you will be able to
experience the product as you wouldn’t be able to online.”  

Steve Kessel,
Amazon Kindle senior VP, said in a statement, “Target’s reputation for
excellence and value makes it the perfect fit for Kindle. We’re excited to work
with them to bring readers around the country a new way to discover and buy
Kindle, and with it, wireless access to a massive selection of over 500,000