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Tablets to stay or go

Keeping you connected wherever you are

Technology is always advancing and tablets are simplifying our lives; they are they are changing the ways we consume media, how we shop, how we read, how we communicate, how we control our environments, how we learn, and how we manage our day-to-day. To say the tablet it taking over is an understatement in so many ways. According to CEA research, “54 percent of American households own a tablet”, and it is easy to see why. In addition to the increasing amount of things a tablet can do in and around the home for adults and kids, the costs are more attractive than ever.

Tablet prices offer consumers big incentives to buy. Whether shoppers are in the market for all-encompassing tablets, which can do almost everything a PC can do, at a fraction of the cost, or, single purpose tablets, like e-readers, the price is right and mobility is the future. ABI research Analysts estimate that by 2016, notebooks will account for only 47% of the market—falling from 51% in 2013—whereas tablets are projected to hit 52% by that time. Price, along with ease of movement, is a huge factor in this shift. Businesses and households alike can buy multiple tablets for the cost of a single PC, satisfying both workers and cohabitants. Accessories like Bluetooth keyboards, stylus’ and angled desk mounts for tablets make the conversion from PC to tablet even more convenient. If using one device for everything is overwhelming then there is still a tablet for you. Single use tablets, like e-readers are becoming so affordable that you can literally buy them in bulk for the upcoming holidays. Some brands are selling for as less as $50 and in packs of five with the sixth one free. That is a hard deal to beat.

As mobile commuting continues to soar, tablets are being taken along for the ride far more often than laptops. Business men and women, students and commuters of all types are giving up their heavy, bulky and travel averse laptops in favor of tablets. Aside from the obvious, being smaller and lighter, and considerably less expensive and sturdier, these portable devices satisfy a range of commuter needs. Tablets easily fulfill entertainment cravings on a commute of any length. Social media capabilities ensure that one can keep in touch on the road, and sophisticated camera accessories and apps can help log the journey. Retailers have a huge opportunity to leverage this with smart new mobile accessories such as mounts made specifically for vehicles on windshields, and in cup-holders and seatbacks.

Vehicular accessories are not the only ones offering opportunities for tablet users and sales for retailers. Cases for a range of uses, including rugged usage by small toddler hands, chargers in a variety of styles and options, even wearable chargers for extreme mobility, mounts and keyboards are just some of the myriad of accessories which will keep tablets in our homes, offices, cars and soon maybe even built in to our clothes, for a long time ahead.