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Tablets On School Shopping Lists

San Francisco – A survey by the online shopping aggregation site has found that 25 percent of back-to-school shoppers intend to buy a tablet this year.

Apple’s iPad was the favorite choice, with 37 percent of the respondents saying they would buy one, compared with 22 percent interested in a Google Nexus and 14 percent in the Kindle Fire. About 14 percent of these people indicated that the tablet would become their primary computing device, replacing a desktop or laptop.

Smartphones will also be a popular purchase, with 23 percent of those asked stating they would be making such a purchase and 28 percent saying they intend to buy a laptop. Computer accessories are being targeted by 40 percent of the shoppers surveyed.

The survey of 1,392 visitors showed that 36 percent of shoppers intend to spend more money on back-to-school CE items this year.