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Table PC Leads Lenovo’s CES Introductions

LAS VEGAS – Lenovo is introducing an entirely new class of computer called the Table PC and entering the gaming PC category at CES this year.

The company also rolled out new all-in-one PCs, a gaming desktop and new Ultrabooks.

Dubbed the IdeaCentre Horizon, the device is a computer centered on 27-inch 720p HD display that sits flat on a table and is meant to be used by families and groups, said Nick Reynolds, Lenovo’s director of worldwide consumer marketing. The Horizon is part of Lenovo’s “multi-user, multi-mode, multitouch” initiative.

“The idea for the table PC is to bring everyone together instead of having everyone off on their own with their own device,” Reynolds said.

The Horizon is scheduled to ship during the first quarter with a price in the $1,599 range.

Lenovo will bundle the Horizon with a keyboard and three gaming accessories, a joystick, e-dice and the striker. All are used on the display’s surface. The computer also comes with an optional wheeled stand that can be raised or lowered. Pricing for the stand was not available.

The model runs Windows 8, but also has an overlaying software interface to allow multiple users, Reynolds said.

A variety of games can be played on the Horizon such as Monopoly and, knock hockey. The players fingers can also be used on the 10-point touchscreen.

The unit is powered by an Intel Core i7 processor, it has 8GB of DDR3 memory, up to 1TB of storage with an optional 64GB solid state drive, Nvidia GeForce GT620M 1GB graphics with DirectX 11.

There are also integrated speakers with Dolby Home Theater, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

An internal battery provides about two hours of life.

The Horizon also comes with a stand allowing it to be used as a conventional all-in-one PC.

Lenovo is launching a similar size product in its all-in-one PC line, the IdeaCentre A730, a 27-inch model with a multi-touch display is basically the same as the Horizon except it does not have the games, overlying interface and he ability to lay totally flat on a table, Reynolds said. It can be depressed flat on its mount.

There is also the lower priced IdeaCenter C540. This is a 23-inch version that replaces the multi-touch capability with basic two-point touch.

Shipping and pricing is yet to be announced for these devices.

The gaming PC, called Erazer, is Lenovo’s first attempt to break into this niche market. Reynolds said the first model will have liquid cooling and can support up to six monitors.

Basic features include Core i7processors with one click overclocking ability, Windows 8 Pro, dual graphics support with either a Nvdia SLI1 with up to dual Nvdia GeForce GTX660 1.5GB, or ATI CrossFireX with up to dual AMD Radeon HD 8950 3GB graphics. It can handle up to 16GB of DDR3 memory,. 4TB of hard drive storage or a 256GB solid state drive.

The Erazer also has Wi-Fi, a Blu-ray burner, USB 3.0 and 2.0 ports and HDMI connectors.

Pricing and shipping has not been set.

The company also has several traditional clamshell Ultrabooks at the show. These are the IdeaPad U310/410 and the IdeaPad Z400/Z500.

All are equipped with touchscreens and Reynolds said the majority of Lenovo’s laptops, from the premium to mainstream, will feature touchscreens by the end of 2013.

Pricing has not been set, but these models are expected to ship in the February-March time frame.