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T-Mobile Releases HSPA+ Phone Details

Wash. – T-Mobile released details of the Android-powered T-Mobile G2 with
Google, the carrier’s first phone designed specifically for use in its HSPA+
network to deliver 4G speeds.

HTC-made phone, which will be exclusive to T-Mobile, is the successor to the
G1, a touchscreen/slider that T-Mobile launched two years ago as the world’s
first Android-based phone. The G1’s successor, also made by HTC, will be
available for preorder later this month, the carrier said without providing
additional details or pricing.

new model, incorporating the latest version (2.2) of the Android OS, features
3.7-inch multitouch screen and a hinged design that opens up to reveal a full
horizontal QWERTY keyboard. The phone incorporates a Qualcomm 800MHz processor,
720P high-definition camcorder, 5-megapixel camera with LED flash and autofocus,
and pre-installed 8GB MicroSD memory card with support for up 32GB cards.

said the G2 is the industry’s first smartphone to offer integrated access to
Google Voice, enabling users to create a Google Voice account from the phone’s
home screen. Google Voice automatically transcribes voicemails to text so they
can be read on the phone’s screen or on a computer.

G2 is also one of the industry’s first smartphones to offer Google’s Voice
Actions feature, which delivers voice control of such phone functions as
calling contacts, sending messages, browsing the Web, listening to music and
completing other common tasks.

features include seven customizable home screen panels and dedicated quick keys
for one-touch access to favorite Google shortcuts and applications.

technology delivers theoretical peak data speeds up to 21Mbps compared with
7.2Mbps on the carrier’s 7.2Mbps HSPA network, which reaches more than 206
million people. The new G2 will deliver maximum theoretical download speeds of
14.4Mbps in the 55 major metro areas where HSPA+ infrastructure is in place.
The 55 markets have a population of 100 million people.

carrier also offers two HSPA+ USB modems.

total of 16 HSPA-equipped phones, including Samsung’s Android-based
Galaxy-class Vibrant, get a speed boost when used in the HSPA+ markets, though
not to full HSPA+ speeds, the carrier noted.