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T-Mobile To Offer Galaxy Tab With Prepaid, Postpaid Option

Bellevue, Wash. – T-Mobile’s version of the Galaxy Tab tablet will sport wireless HSPA+ high-speed cellular data and be available with and without data contracts.

Like Sprint, T-Mobile will offer the Galaxy Tab at $399.99 with two-year data contract and an unsubsidized $599.99 without contract for used with prepaid data service.

T-Mobile sales begin Nov. 10 through T-Mobile retail stores and T-Mobile’s website. Earlier this week, Sprint said it would begin selling its version of the 3G-equipped Tab on Nov. 14 through its direct channels. Verizon’s version goes on sale Nov. 11 in its direct channels but only at an unsubsidized $599 with prepaid monthly access plans beginning at $20 a month for 1GB of data.

T-Mobile’s version will be the fastest to date, given its HSPA+ wireless technology.

For its part, Best Buy has said it would sell the Verizon and Sprint versions sometime in November.

T-Mobile ‘s Tab will be available Nov. 10 through Amazon, Car Toys/Wireless Advocates and select Sam’s Club kiosks.

All three carriers are positioning the 7-inch tablet PC device as a data-only device whose circuit-switched voice-calling capability will not be activated. The Android 2.2 device, however, does offer video chat over Wi-Fi and 3G data, thanks to dual cameras.

Only AT&T among the four largest carriers hasn’t announced its plans for the device.

T-Mobile’s version will feature Samsung’s Media Hub, Qik Video Chat, Kindle for Android, and Slacker Radio.