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T-Mobile Expands Sidekick Series

Bellevue, Wash. — T-Mobile expanded its selection of Sidekick-branded phones with the launch of the high-end big-screen Sidekick LX at $299 and its first Sidekick with slide-up display, retailing for $199.

Both come with QWERTY keyboard. Their prices are based on a two-year subscriber contract.

The Sidekick LX takes the top price position in the Sidekick lineup at $299 compared with the current Sidekick 3 at $199. A version of the Sidekick 3, designed by NBA all-star Dwayne Wade, was available at $449 but has been sold out.

The Sharp-made LX features a bigger screen than other models at 3 inches as well as higher resolution at WQVGA quality, but it is slimmer then the Sidekick 3, which is 5.1 inches by 2.3 inches by 0.9 inches. It retains the 3’s swivel screen and is available in blue or brown. Another enhancement is the addition of a flash for use with its built-in camera. It goes on sale Oct. 17 through T-Mobile’s Web site.

The Sidekick Slide, made by Motorola, is the first Sidekick with screen that slides up, rather than swivels up, to reveal the QWERTY keyboard. It becomes available Nov. 7 in black or purple and is more focused on messaging than the LX.

Sidekicks are designed for easy messaging, including instant messaging, as well as Web browsing.

Both models use software from Danger of Palo Alto. The opening-price Sidekick is the iD at $50.