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SynthX App Now Compatible With Ion All-Star Guitar

Cumberland, R.I. — Ion announced that the SynthX app is now compatible with its All-Star Guitar.

The All-Star Guitar is a full-size guitar controller for use with the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. It requires no cables or external connections and features a built-in speaker.  The SynthX app for iPad is billed as a mathematically modeled synthesizer, said to be very small in file size but containing a large sound library.

SynthX gives users four ways to play 300 sounds:

  • X/Y Mode automatically tunes every touch to the pre-selected scale.
  • Grid Mode lets players explore harmonies in a matrix layout.
  • Keys Mode provides a standard piano keyboard.
  • Guitar Mode gives players a virtual six-string guitar layout that can be strummed and played like a real guitar.

SynthX’s effects include distortion, flanger, delay and limiter. Players can record their performances within the app, and it also supports iTunes file sharing so they can export recordings.

 “The SynthX app transforms the All-Star Guitar into something completely new. SynthX allows a freedom of expression that really has to be experienced to be appreciated and turns the All-Star Guitar from a fun rock-star experience into a unique synth guitar,” said Wendy Fortin, Ion product manager, in a statement.

 The All-Star Guitar is currently available for $99. The SynthX app can be downloaded from the Apple App Store for $5.