Symantec Releases New Norton Security Software

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New York - Symantec today boosted its mobile security offerings with several titles for tablet PCs and smartphones.

The company also rolled out Norton Internet Security 2012 and Norton Anti-Virus 2012, along with a new Cloud-based user interface.

Norton Internet Security 2012 is available today for $69.99 for one year with three licenses. Anti-Virus 2012 is $39.99 for a single year on one computer.

On the mobile front the company unveiled Norton Tablet Security, its first full-title for the Android tablet PC space. Tablet Security complements Norton Mobile Security Lite, a free app for the smartphone market that was previously available.

Con Mallon, Symantec's mobile product management director, said the threat against Android tablets is not high at this time, but that this will change as criminals begin to focus their attention on this exploding category. In addition, he said Symantec and the security category in general has to start educating the population that their mobile devices are not necessarily safe and going forward these will come under attack.

The focus being placed on mobile platforms is also part of Symantec's plan to keep the company and its products relevant as computing moves from the PC to mobile platforms, Mallon said. This also includes moving more of the software's functionality off the devices and into the Cloud.

Mallon said current problems are brought onto a tablet via Trojan apps or are sent in an SMS text that is blocked by Tablet Security.

The exact ship date for Tablet Security is not available, but it will carry a $39.99 suggested price tag for a one-year subscription.

Symantec has also made its Norton Anti-theft Beta software solution available as a free download. This addresses an even more pressing problem, Mallon said, as many people either lose or have their portable device stolen.

"About 36 percent of owners have their device either lost or stolen, and Anti-theft can help located the device, lock it or wipe the data from it," he said.

Some of these features are included in the free Lite version for smartphones, but the software had to be rewritten for tablets. Since most tablets are only Wi-Fi-enabled, the system could not use the cellular network to trace the device. Once a device that is reported lost or stolen, attempts to access the Internet the software will notify Symantec, and it will be shut down and located. The camera can even be turned on to take a photo of the illegal user.

There are no immediate plans to make the Tablet Security function with any other mobile OS, Mallon said.

Symantec's other major move for 2012 is expanding its Norton Everywhere concept. Norton Everywhere uses the Cloud to allow users to manage their various Norton-protected products remotely, said Jordan Blake, senior product manager.

Norton Everywhere and its Norton Management component are part of Norton Internet Security (NIS) 2012.

"Norton Management provides the user with the ability to manage security from the Cloud and makes it easier to move the software between computers," Blake said.

One Norton license can now be shared over the Cloud between computers anywhere in the world, and if you buy a new computer, the license can be moved from the old PC to the new one without having to physically install anything, Blake said.

NIS 2012 also has an improved Norton Insight to block malicious software, Download Insight to check downloaded content for problems, and SONAR.

Also included is an improved Norton Identity Safe in the Cloud. This protects personal and financial information by storing it in a secure location in the Cloud. This application also lets the user set a single password, making it easier to log into websites.


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