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SVAT Shows DVR Surveillance System

SVAT (Central Hall booth 15726) will show here a video surveillance system that is Web-ready and uses a digital video recorder (DVR) with four outdoor color infrared night-vision cameras.

Model CV0204DVR ($799 suggested retail) was designed for easy end-user setup, SVAT said.

“We’ve made a system that is actually easy to set up for the average consumer,” said Raj Jain, SVAT president. “Most DVR systems are complex and hard to understand. We’ve designed this system and our manuals to make setting this system up easier than setting the time on your VCR.”

The CV0204DVR is billed as a complete system that comes with four outdoor cameras and can display all four on a quad-split screen.

Users can customize the recording process to allow a 24-hour recording schedule based on user preferences, including recording continuously during the day, while recording only when motion is detected at night.

Night vision technology enables viewing and recording images shot in complete darkness.

The DVR will record four different camera views simultaneously and play it back at 30 fps. During playback each camera can be viewed in full screen or in simultaneously in quad-view split screen, without loss of quality, the company said.

To simplify the video search process, viewers can search for the time and date of a recording to locate specific sequences.

All recordings are stored on the DVR’s internal hard drive, which SVAT said allows “weeks of recording time.”

The DVR can be set to overwrite old footage when the drive runs out of space, allowing uninterrupted recording.

The CV0204DVR adds a built-in Internet server for remote viewing. Included software allows the DVR to plug into an Internet connection to allow remote monitoring after inputting the users IP address.