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Survey: Kindle Fire Surge To Hurt Tier-2 Tablet Vendors

Bethesda, Md. – Amazon’s Kindle
Fire tablet will become a strong No. 2 competitor to the Apple iPad, “wreaking
a devastating blow to a range of second-tier tablet manufacturers,”


concluded in analyzing
the results of a consumer survey.

That’s if the Kindle Fire
provides a quality user experience, the company added.

In its November survey of 3,043
North American consumers, ChangeWave found that although 65 percent of future
tablet buyers plan to get an Apple iPad, another brand has garnered
double-digit purchase intentions for the first time since iPad’s introduction.
A total of 22 percent of people planning to buy a tablet plan to buy a Kindle
Fire, ChangeWave said.

“The most immediate impact of the
Amazon device is on the rest of the competition, where the survey shows it
wreaking a devastating blow to a range of second-tier tablet manufacturers,
including Motorola, RIM, Dell, HTC, HP and Toshiba,” the company said.
“Importantly, with the exception of the Samsung Galaxy Tab [with 4 percent
share among planned purchasers], no other manufacturer is garnering more than 1
percent of future tablet demand among consumers. “

The survey found “an
extraordinary level of initial demand for the Amazon tablet,” the company also
said, with 2 percent of respondents having already pre-ordered the device, 5
percent saying they’re very likely to buy it, and another 12 percent saying
they are somewhat likely to but the Kindle Fire.

 Based on previous surveys, ChangeWave said
Apple dominates the market because of high customer satisfaction. A total of 74
percent of all iPad owners said they’re very satisfied with their tablet,
compared with a 49 percent very satisfied rating for all other tablet
manufacturers combined, the company said.

For its research,

ChangeWave Research

conducts a weekly series of surveys of
its network of 25,000 accredited business and technology professionals and
early-adopter consumers, the company said.