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Survey: iPhone Users More Loyal

Mountain View, Calif. — iPhone users are more loyal to their brand than users of any other smartphone brand, including BlackBerry, a consumer survey found.

Crowd Science, a Web-audience research company, found 82 percent of polled iPhone users would buy a new iPhone for their next smartphone purchase. In contrast, 40 percent of polled BlackBerry users, and 40 percent of users of other-brand smartphones, would switch to Apple’s iPhone as their next smartphone purchase. Only 14 percent of non-BlackBerry smartphone users would switch to a BlackBerry for their next purchase.

The survey also found that, compared with BlackBerry users, iPhone users “report a significantly higher overall satisfaction level with their phone,” Crowd Science said. “In particular, iPhone users are more satisfied than other smartphone users with their phones’ screen size, navigation, availability of add-ons and video playback.”

iPhone users were also found to use a wide variety of phone functions more often than users of other-brand smartphones. Those functions include Web browsing, email, music playback, Wi-Fi and GPS.

The survey also found 71 percent of smartphone users utilize their smartphone for both business and personal usages. Only 3 percent used them only for business.

 “These results reflect the great challenges BlackBerry faces in stemming the iPhone stampede,” said John Martin, CEO of Crowd Science.

Crowd Science is an online measurement service that builds detailed reports on the demographics of Web site audiences.

For this survey, 606 people responded. They were randomly recruited from Web sites using Crowd Science audience-survey tags that trigger survey invitations. People surveyed for this report were visiting various types of sites, including blog sites, social media sites, Web technology sites, news sites and the like.