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Survey: Cellphone Music, Web Access Rising Along With Smartphone Use

Va. – More people owned
smartphones, listened to cellphone-stored music, and used their phone to access
a social-networking site during the three months ending in January compared
with the previous three months, a


consumer survey found.

  The survey also
found that Research In Motion (RIM) increased its leading share of smartphone
users during the period, although Google’s share of users rose the most.
Apple’s share was almost flat.

 The online survey of
people ages 13 and older also found that Motorola leads in the number of
consumers using its handsets, although that lead slipped sequentially during
the latest three-month period.

  For its monthly online
surveys, ComScore polls more than 30,000 consumers, with a new sample surveyed
every month. The company’s report, based on a three-month average, includes
employer-issued phones as long as the phone was the respondent’s primary phone.  For the latest three-month period, ComScore
determined that 234 million Americans ages 13 and older were cellphone
subscribers and that 22.9 percent of them used a Motorola phone (down 1.2
percentage points). LG ranked second in share of users at 21.7 percent (down
0.3 points), followed by Samsung with 21.1 percent (up 0.1 points), Nokia with
9.1 percent (down 0.2 points) and RIM with 7.8 percent (up 1.4 points). The
relative brand ranks did not differ from the previous quarter’s ranks.

 In another finding
based on the surveys, ComScore determined an average 42.7 million people (or 18
percent of total cellphone subscribers) used a smartphone during the
three-month period, up 18 percent from the previous three months. RIM extended
its smartphone-share lead to 43 percent of all smartphone users, up 1.7
percentage points from the previous quarter. Apple ranked second with 25.1
percent share (up 0.3 percentage points), followed by Microsoft with 15.7
percent share (down 4 percentage points), Google with 7.1 percent (up 4.3
percentage points), and Palm with 5.7 percent (down 2.1 percent).

 On average during the latest three-month
period, 12.8 percent of phone users listened to cellphone-stored music (up 1.2
percentage points sequentially), 17.1 percent accessed a social-network site or
blog (up 3.3 points), 19.8 percent used a downloaded app (up 1.5 points), 21.7
percent played cellphone-stored games (up 0.4 points), 28.6 percent used the
phone’s browser (up 1.8 points), and 63.5 percent sent a text message (up 1.5