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Survey: Car Owners Want Internet Radio, Voice Control

Stamford, Conn. – A majority of
car commuters want Internet radio in the car, a navigation system that gets
real-time traffic updates, and voice control of their car’s infotainment
systems, a Harman survey of consumers found.

 Among the key findings:

  • 83 percent of respondents want
    a car navigation system that receives real-time traffic updates.

  • 64 percent want access to Internet
    music-streaming sites.

  • 80 percent would pay a premium
    for voice control of navigation, music and other vehicle systems, including the
    creation and sending of text messages by voice;

  • and 68 percent want a car that
    seamlessly integrates with smartphones, MP3 players, and other products that
    they already own.

The survey also found that 72
percent want a centralized in-car system that controls all vehicle
technologies, whereas 28 percent want separate controls for making phone calls,
controlling a digital music player, or accessing satellite-radio channels.

The survey, the company said,
found that car commuters “want their car to be a place where they can stay
productive and informed and not be forced to break away from a busy day.” While
driving, Harman continued, consumers want to waste less time and expect to be

The survey was conducted online
in early October, with 500 people responding. Of the respondents, 20 percent
already have some form of Internet connection or voice controls in the car.
Respondents were ages 18 and up.