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Survey: BlackBerry Owners More Likely To Switch To iPhone 4S

Calif. – BlackBerry users are more likely than Android users to buy the new
iPhone 4S going on sale today, a

study found.

however, the people most likely to buy the new Apple device already own a
previous-generation iPhone, said Retrovo, the consumer electronics review and
shopping site.

told, 44 percent of iPhone 3G and 3GS owners plan to buy the iPhone 4S, and
almost as many iPhone 4 owners —  42
percent — plan to do so even though their handset is not as old as the 3G or

12 percent of Android owners plan to buy the 4S, but 24 percent of BlackBerry
owners plan to do so.

all smartphone owners, 24 percent said they plan to buy the iPhone 4S.

survey also found that a bare majority of iPhone 4 owners and a large majority
of smartphone owners aren’t disappointed in the iPhone 4S’s features. Among
iPhone 4 owners, 53 percent said they’re not disappointed, but 21 percent said
they wish it had a new design, 29 percent wished it had 4G, and 12 percent
hoped for a larger display.

29 percent of iPhone 4 owners said they would have liked 4G to be included, the
iPhone 4S does in fact have a wireless technology, 14.4Mbps HSPA+, that
AT&T considers 4G. That technology works only in the AT&T network in
the U.S. in the Sprint and Verizon networks. The 4S operates in 3G mode.

all smartphone owners, 71 percent said they’re not disappointed with the iPhone
4S, though 11 percent would have preferred a new design, 17 percent would have
preferred 4G, and 7 percent would have preferred a larger display.

 In another finding, Retrovo said 18 percent of
everyone surveyed plan to camp out or wait in a long line to get the new phone.