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Surgex Debuts Residential Power/Surge Line

— SurgeX is at CEDIA Expo to introduce a new line of power conditioning
products with built-in surge elimination.

new Eliminator Series line, the company’s first for the residential market, is
said to be only power protection line on the market that eliminates electrical
transients that can degrade A/V system performance.

with SurgeX’s proprietary Advanced Series Mode surge elimination technology,
the Eliminator Series features five rack-mount products that provide surge
elimination, noise reduction and component sequencing.

Advanced Series Mode Technology is completely non-sacrificial and eliminates
surge energy without producing side effects such as ground contamination or
common-mode disturbances, SurgeX said. It is also said to be the first A/V
surge elimination technology to be certified A-1-1 by Underwriters

models feature a program interface that enables users to adjust remote power
on/off based on shutdown thresholds, set sequencing parameters, and adjust and
manage custom power settings. Installers can also utilize remote turn on for
controlling multi-rack applications. Additionally, the Eliminator Series
includes an uninterruptable power supply solution to ensure A/V systems stay

At the
top of the line, the XU115 includes both common and normal mode Impedance
Tolerant EMI/RFI noise filtering, and provides a browser-based interface to
manage power settings, diagnostics and schedule shutdowns and restarts.
Automatic voltage regulation provides a stable AC source during less than
optimal power conditions without the constant use of internal batteries,
increasing battery life.

new, the XN120 is a protection solution for multi-circuit residential A/V
systems where space is at a premium. This compact 120-volt/80-amp unit provides
fail-safe protection required for multiple circuits and is hard-wired as a
subpanel at the service panel or the equipment room, eliminating the need for
individual AC conditioners and thus freeing up rack space.

said that in a typical installation, the XN120’s 20-amp circuit will protect an
average of 8 flat panels TVs, eliminating the need for individual AC line
conditioners in every room.

standalone flat panel installations, the X2 is designed to mount on the back of
a TV or projector and is rated for in-wall/in-ceiling use.

SurgeX products are manufactured in the company’s Zebulon, North Carolina
facility and the company offers an 11-year warranty on all products.

is in booth #4146 at the CEDIA Expo.