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Super Bowl, Super Sales?

Pre-Game Prep

Lots of research goes into Super Bowl purchases

Making a big purchase for a big day is a time-honored tradition, so it’s no surprise that football superfans love buying electronics before the Super Bowl. They want to watch it on a new screen and hear it loudly and clearly. Beginning in mid-January, TVs see steadily climbing traffic and conversion rates right up until game day, while home audio/theater maintains steady traffic throughout the month, but sees a big swing in conversion in the week prior to the game. HookLogic analyzed both reported consumer behavior and actual transactional data from its Retail Search Exchange network.

Game Time Action

Super Bowl ads and the second-screen experience

Sales opportunity doesn’t end with the start of the game. Super Bowl ads are integral to the experience, and product browsing can be happening during the game. Consumers are likely to be watching the game on one screen and surfing on another. The following results are from a 500-person survey run by YuMe, a digital brand advertising firm in November, 2014.