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Sunland To Enter DVD Burner Business

New York – Sunland International will join the rewritable DVD burner club in October with the release of the portable DigiStor DVD Deluxe.

The external, slim line DigiStor is the company’s first retail product. The drive uses the DVD-RW and DVD-RAM formats and is expected to carry a $379 suggested retail price, said Brian Friss, Sunland’s director of business development. It can connect via a PC’s High Speed USB, and 1394 port and has 2x DVD-R write speed and 1x rewrite speed. DVD-RAM is also 2x. Ulead photo and video editing software is included.

Sunland is also coming out with a line of blank DigiStor branded blank media.

The company will launch these products through its web site and a series of etailers. Sunland is holding talks with retailers, but none have signed on. However, Friss said about 15 additional e-tailers should be on board in the next two weeks.

Friss said an external and internal dual format drives, burning the plus and dash formats, will follow in several weeks. The external will cost less than $399, while the internal version comes in around $200.

Early next year the company will venture into a new area. It is now developing a PVR-type device that will feature a DVD burner, Friss said. The first version will likely use the DVD-R/DVD-RAM format, but a dual format should follow at a later date. Pricing has not been set.