Sungale Offers Cloud TV Box


Chino, Calif. -


has introduced its Cloud TV Box, a smart-TV box designed to deliver Cloud TV and web content to TV screens. 

The set-top box enables users to stream video content from websites and RSS feeds from such TV broadcasters as CNN, ABC, CBS, FOX and PBS.

 The supply of the RSS content is processed on Sungale's Cloud database on an Internet server, which users tap into through the Cloud TV device.

  The Cloud TV Box also offers access to such social networks as Facebook and Twitter, video calling via Skype, and news service from MSN. It also allows checking email.

To simplify content searches, the Cloud TV Box offers search tools that comb the web for a wide range of topics and sources.

Family-oriented gaming and education apps are also available for parents to download to help children learn while having fun.

Gaming commands are manipulated using common IR remote controls, or by a wireless keyboard, mouse or gesture RC.

Viewers can also use iPhones, Android phones, and other smartphones and devices to access content for the Cloud TV Box. 

The Cloud TV Box will debut at International CES and will be available in March at a price to be announced.


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