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Sungale To Launch Gen 2 Cloud TV Box

Chino, Calif. — Sungale recently introduced its second-generation Cloud TV box (model STB370), offering a more powerful processor for greater speed, image clarity and open web browsing.

The company said the STB370 Cloud TV Box, which will ship in May at a $170 suggested retail price, is not a typical media streamer, but rather “a true Smart TV box that can convert a home television into a fully functioning Smart TV.”

The G2 Cloud TV Box is powered by a 1.6GHz dual-core CPU, capable of supporting smooth and clear video chats, among a host of other capabilities, Sungale said.

The new version also offers expanded HQ TV channel content, fast internet surfing, video communication, Facebook and Twitter social networking, email access, access to more than 15,000 internet radio stations, video games, educational apps, and more.

“Sungale has invested in networked devices for many years,” said Ningjun Sun, Sungale president and CEO. “We have worked on IP Radio, IP TV, Cyberus Tablet, and Netchef, which have all added to our experience in understanding what a networked market really should be.”

Antonio Abbondanza, Sungale marketing manager, said the G2 Cloud TV Box will give users the same experience of a $2,000 55-inch Smart TV without having to spend $2,000 to do it.

“Spending only [$170], you can change your home TV into a true Smart TV,” he said.