Sunfire's StillBass Gets U.S. Patent


Carlsbad, Calif. - Sunfire reports it has been awarded a U.S. patent for the StillBass Anti-Shake technology featured in the company's Sunfire SubRosa Subwoofer.

Sunfire received U.S. Patent #7,844,068 by the United States Patent Office for the StillBass Anti-Shake technology that was featured first in 2008 in the Sunfire SubRosa subwoofer, which the company claimed is the world's first flat-panel subwoofer.

By controlling the subwoofer's "shake," StillBass technology allows the woofer to be placed in a wide variety of locations rarely considered for high quality bass. The SubRosa can be mounted on a wall, located below a big screen TV, behind a couch, under a bed and even inside the wall. This newly patented technology is only available from Sunfire, and at the moment, only in the SubRosa subwoofer, the company said.


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