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Sunfire Enters New Subwoofer Price Tier

Carlsbad, Calif. –


launched its lowest-price powered
subwoofers to date to broaden its potential customer base.

The three models
in the Dynamic series are the brand’s first to incorporate efficient Class D
amplifier technology, and they’re priced at a suggested $350 for an 8-inch
model, $450 for a 10-inch model, and $550 for a 12-inch model, all with passive
radiators. They also feature signal-sensing power on/off, continuously variable
phase, crossover and volume controls, and optional 2.4GHz wireless
transmitter/receiver pair to eliminate speaker-cable runs. Up to four receivers
at a time are able to stream bass from a single transmitter.

The 8-inch model
reproduces 32Hz to 150Hz frequencies with up to 400 watts of peak output, while
the 10-inch model reproduces 30Hz to 150Hz frequencies with up to 500-watt
peaks. The 12-inch model delivers 28Hz to 150Hz frequencies with 600-watt

 The next step up in Sunfire’s subwoofer
selection is the HRS (High Resolution Series), promoted as offering audiophile
performance in a small package. AT the top of the selection is the limited-production
luxury-performance XT series, which consists of the SubRosa in-room and in-wall
subwoofer system.

Sunfire has also
offered component electronics in the past, including A/V receivers, preamp/processors,
and amplifiers, but “going forward, their focus is going to be on subwoofers
and speaker systems,” a spokesperson said.