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Subs, Ceilings, Home Theater Get Origin’s Attention

Origin Acoustics, the year-old custom-speaker startup led by industry veteran Jeremy Burkhardt, is launching its first in-wall and in-ceiling subwoofers.

Origin is also expanding its Director Collection of architectural speakers to 13 models with three entry-level in-ceiling models, and it is launching its Home Theater in-wall The Theater Collection, consisting of two models that are the company’s first home-theater-dedicated custom speakers. They’re said to deliver the performance of in-room speakers.

The company’s first architectural subs include the Composer in-wall 10- and 12-inch subwoofers, which are promoted as offering deeper bass with less distortion and drywall resonance than competing models. They can be powered by the company’s new separately sold subwoofer amplifiers.

The in-wall subs with enclosures include the 10-inch $1,400 CSUB10R for retrofit installs and the $1,600 10-inch CSUB10N for new construction. The 12-inch in-wall model with enclosure is the $2,000 CSUB12N, which is targeted to new construction.

The amps that drive the new subs are the 150-watt $550 SUBA150 and $1,100 500-watt SUBA500. Both are pre-loaded with DSP settings to extend the low-end bass response of the two subs while protecting against damaging overdrive. The DSP settings also deliver the optimal crossover settings for the speakers.

The in-wall subs feature dual voice coils with two inputs so the subs can be run in parallel with Origin’s left-right architectural speakers. Both come with extruded-aluminum enclosures that are damped inside and out with dense rubber bushings to control vibrations.

The 12-inch model adds a mounting system that lets installers hang the enclosure from a horizontal wood beam in a stud bay during new construction, “eliminating most drywall and stud resonance,” the company said.

For the ceiling, two dual-woofer in-ceiling subs make their debut. Pricing was unavailable.

The dual 6-inch DSUB6 and dual 8-inch DSUB8, both for new construction, install between floors or joists in single- and multi-level homes. A bass tube ports music into the listening area and plugs into a variety of low-profile round or square bezel-less grills that can be flush-mounted into the ceiling to extend bass response to 20Hz. Via an internal crossover, the subs can be connected in parallel with Origin Acoustics architectural speakers.