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Study: Netflix, YouTube Use On The Rise

Waterloo, Ontario – A Sandvine Internet traffic study showed Netflix usage rose 28.8 percent to take the No. 1 streaming service position for fixed network use going into the second half of 2012, followed by YouTube, which saw traffic rise to 13.1 percent.

Netflix commanded fixed network share, with 33 percent, while YouTube took the leading position among mobile users, with nearly 31 percent of smartphone streaming use.

Other video services on North American fixed networks include Amazon (1.8 percent of peak period downstream traffic), Hulu (1.4 percent) and HBO Go (0.5 percent), Sandvine said.

Overall average Internet data usage for North America rose 120 percent to 659MB per month for mobile and 51GB for a landline in the past year on North American fixed line networks (51GB is equivalent to 81 hours of video).

Sandvine advocates and provides tools to carriers wanting to curb usage or charge extra using application-specific data plans.

Sandvine’s Internet traffic trends report, entitled “Global Internet Phenomena Report 2H2012,” was based on data from a selection of Sandvine’s 200-plus customers spanning North America, Europe, Middle East and Africa, Caribbean and Latin America and Asia-Pacific.