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Study: Apple iTV Would Be Disruptive

NEWPORT BEACH, CALIF. – Apple’s connected television platform (iTV) is likely to have a significant and disruptive impact on the consumer electronics and entertainment landscape once it’s introduced, according to a new study by Quixel Research.

The research company’s nationwide survey of 1,169 current and potential flat-screen TV owners was conducted this June in association with TFC Info and Communication Research. It found that while intent to purchase an iTV is understandably high among Apple owners (88 percent), 80 percent of all current flat-panel TV owners also indicated they would be either extremely, very or somewhat interested in purchasing one of the new Apple televisions if it includes the company’s traditional features and amenities including advanced design, innovative features, simple interface, convenient usability and easy connectivity to other Apple devices.

According to the study, “The Projected Impact of Apple iTV and Other Connected Devices on Consumer Entertainment,” consumers are looking to seamlessly connect their home entertainment products with their mobile devices to receive a variety of content, services and interactive capabilities.

“Our research shows that there’s a major disconnect between current ‘smart’ or Internet-enabled TVs and consumers,” said Tamaryn Pratt, Quixel Research president. “Despite thousands of available apps, digital content is only being streamed by 50 percent of these owners, on a daily or weekly basis, and more than 80 percent said that this content was being used just for playing movies.”

Pratt noted, “However, our research also shows that this scenario would dramatically change if Apple introduces its anticipated iTV. In fact, it could ultimately disrupt the home entertainment industry in the same way the company forever changed the computer, music, mobile phone, tablet, publishing and retail industries.”

Further, 3D, voice and gesture command, touch screens and portability features on connected televisions do not resonate highly with any of the consumer groups measured and rate the lowest of all television features desired.

Other study finding included the following:

• Apple device owners outpace all others in expressing an interest to buy a TV with wireless web connectivity (80 percent), having access to Cloud storage features (73 percent). and synching their TV to other devices (67 percent).

• Almost 80 percent of respondents are already using a “second screen” while watching TV. However, these devices may not be “connected” to the primary TV in the home. Among those responding, laptops are the most often used device in this scenario, and Apple owners show higher smart phone usage (87 percent) and tablet usage (66 percent) than non-Apple owners.

• Respondents are also beginning to move content from a second screen to their primary television, with 23 percent reporting they are moving content daily. However, the majority of respondents who move content are not willing to pay more to “throw” it from one device to another, although 41 percent are willing to pay more to move movies.

• 3D, voice and gesture command, touchscreens and portability features on connected televisions do not resonate highly with any of the consumer groups measured and rate the lowest of all television features desired.

The full report can be obtained by contact Quixel Research by calling (503) 699-5133 or by emailing [email protected].