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Strong June, 1st Half For Video Sales

Arlington, Va. – Video hardware manufacturers and distributors closed out the first half with a strong June performance for all categories except VCR decks, to overcome a somewhat weaker May performance.

According to the Consumer Electronics Association, direct-view color TV sales posted a respectable 8.9 percent increase to 10.7 million for the half, 6.2 percent increase to 5.6 million for the quarter, and a whopping 22 percent increase to a record 2.46 million for the month of June. It was the highest single month for the category since last September, which marked the start of holiday shipments.

Based on traditional selling patterns, June color sales were at a strong seasonally adjusted annual rate of 27.9 million, which was well above the rate of 25.4 million for the second quarter and 25 million rate for the half.

TV/VCR sales jumped 18.7 percent in June to 440,134, to put the quarter at 1.3 million, up 24.5 percent, and the half at 2.2 million, up 21.5 percent. The annualized selling rates for the month came in at 5.1 million and for the half at 5.4 million, while the quarter’s sales were at an indicated 5.6 million.

Projection TV had a 27.8 percent June sales rise to 108,720, a 14.7 percent increase to 268,459 for the quarter, and a 26.2 percent increase to 593,935 for the half – but a sub par June selling rate of 1.4 million, compared to 1.5 million for the quarter and 1.58 million for the half.

VCR decks showed some sluggishness as sales dropped from an 18 percent growth rate for May to an 8 percent decline in June from the 1999 period. Sales of decks started the month with a remarkable 112 percent first-week growth mark, only to finish the period with three straight weeks of declines of 20 percent or worse.

Deck sales for the quarter of 5.55 million were up a scant 0.7 percent, while the first-half total of 10.1 million was up 6.4 percent. The VCR selling rate for the month of 21.2 million was well below the adjusted selling rates of 24.5 million for both the quarter and half.

Camcorders had a good June, with sales up 61 percent, to 593,397. The quarter’s sales of 1.5 million were up 20 percent and the first-half total of 2.6 million was up 21.6 percent. The June selling rate for camcorders was 6.5 million, besting the adjusted rates for both the quarter, at 5.8 million, and the half, at 5.7 million.

DVD player sales for June more than doubled last year’s numbers at 654,687, putting second-quarter sales at 1.5 million, up 73.3 percent, and first-half sales at 2.7 million, up 109.9 million.