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Striiv Launches 2nd-Gen Smart Pedometer


Striiv is
shipping the latest iteration of it Striiv
smart pedometer, a small, touchscreen
fitness device that accurately tracks
steps and motivates its users to walk

The always-on device can track steps,
distance, calories burned, stairs and
minutes of activity throughout the day.

With its proprietary Fitness Motivation
System, Striiv learns a user’s behavior
and then encourages activity
via personalized challenges and goals,
games and donation opportunities.

Launching with it is Striiv Connected,
a new, built-in social component
that also lets users compete in activitybased
challenges with other users for
energy points or other prizes. Once
the stakes are established, users connect
devices, choose to walk together
or separately, and Striiv keeps track of
who reaches the finish line first. New
animated characters also provide opponents.

Each time Striiv is connected to a computer, the latest
activity information is stored. Syncing
lets users record steps, stairs, calories
burned and donations made, so they
can keep track of progress.

Since the original Striiv entered the
market in January, on average, Striiv users
are walking nearly 60 minutes per
day, logging 3 miles per day, and averaging
eight flights of stairs every day,
according to the company.

“Striiv isn’t just for athletes or datadriven
early adopters. It’s for everyday,
busy people who also want to get fit,
give back and have fun. Striiv is fitness
for the rest of us,” said David Wang,
CEO and co-founder of Striiv. “Research
shows getting fit doesn’t require
a gym or a crazy routine. It’s about seizing
dozens of opportunities throughout
the day to move more and then enjoying
the countless benefits of a more active,
healthy life.”

The new Striiv smart pedometer
retails for $99.95 is now available on

and in select Best Buy
stores, as well as