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Stereo TVs Take 3.6% Sales Drop During February

Sales of direct-view stereo color TVs by manufacturers and distributors took their second monthly drop of the year in February, posting a 3.6% fall to 781,700, CEMA figures show.

Through the year’s first two months, stereo color sales to dealers stood at 1.5 million, down 5.6%.

The figures indicate monaural color sales have held up somewhat, slipping just 2.5% in February to 685,900 and up 2.2% to 1.35 million for the first two months.

Being outperformed by mono, stereo color’s share of the total direct-view color market dipped to 53.3% in February, from the year-earlier 53.5%, and to 52.7% from 54.6% for the year’s first two months.