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SteelSeries Teams With Gunnar Optiks

Chicago – SteelSeries and Gunnar Optiks, two manufacturers of
gaming accessories, announced they have teamed up for a line of co-branded
products for PC and console games. 

partnership also includes Carl Zeiss Optics.

manufacturers a variety of gaming accessories including mice, keyboards and
mouse pads. Gunnar Optiks is

known for its line

of video eyewear.

details were provided by the companies about the new products, other than they
will “provide gamers around the world with the best-performing digital eyewear
that focus on comfort and improving the gamer’s performance through reduced eye
strain.” The companies said in a joint release they will be teaming their
on-site marketing efforts at the E3 show, as well as Sony Fan Faire and PAX

SteelSeries spokeswoman told TWICE the first collaboration will launch “later
this year (in the Q3/Q4 time frame.”