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Steelmate Adds Parking-Assist Models

Cerritos, Calif. – Steelmate
USA recently announced that it will expand its line of front and rear
parking-assist models, including an eight-sensor system meant for SUVs and
luxury cars.

The PTS400M7, a four-sensor
rear system, and the PTS400M7-Front, a four-sensor front system, both feature
the company’s Slim displays that mount on top of the rearview mirror. They also
come with Steelmate’s Stealth backlit LED display, said to light up only during
the parking process.

The PTS400M8, a
four-sensor rear system, ships with a rear-mounted Slim display that mounts
either above the rear window or on top of the third brake light on the rear
parcel shelf of the car. This display also has a removable cover that can be
color-matched to the interior of the car for a custom OEM look, the company

The PTS800MM78, which
has eight sensors – four front and four rear – has a front and rear Slim
display. It’s meant for use with luxury cars and SUVs.

Finally, the PTS400V6, a four-sensor system, is said to have
accuracy and reaction times that eliminate error readings and hesitations on
the part of a cautious driver.

Features of the PTS400V6 include large LCD display, beep and
voice prompts, OE-grade 18.8mm unpainted sensors, matching hole saw and
waterproof cable connections.