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Stay Keeps Dish DVRs Running A Little Longer

Englewood, Colo. — EchoStar wasted little time in getting the U.S. Court of Appeals to issue a stay on Tuesday’s Federal District Court order to disable components of its DVR products within 30 days for allegedly violating TiVo patents.

The appeals court ordered TiVo to respond by June 10 to the motion for a stay pending appeal.

The stay was issued less than 24 hours after TiVo was awarded an additional $103 million in damages plus interest by a federal judge in the Federal District Court for the Eastern District of Texas in its long-running patent infringement battle with EchoStar Communications and Dish Network.

“We are pleased that the federal appeals court in Washington temporarily stayed the district court’s order in the TiVo litigation,” an EchoStar spokesman said in a statement. “Dish Network customers can continue using their DVRs. We believe that we have strong grounds for appeal.”

In a response to the stay order, TiVo said: “We are confident the U.S. Court of Appeals will again uphold the district court ruling and not permit EchoStar to further delay this case once it has an opportunity to consider TiVo’s response and EchoStar’s motion on the issue of the stay.”