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In-Stat: U.S. VoIP Use Reaches 9 Million Households

Scottsdale, Ariz. — There are more than 9 million VoIP users in the United States and even consumers using PC-delivered services like Skype are willing to ditch their traditional landlines, according to the market research firm In-Stat.

Forty-nine percent of residential VoIP users discontinued their traditional landline service once they activated their VoIP service, according to In-Stat. That figure includes 12 percent of those who reported using only a PC VoIP service — like Skype — that cannot offer E911 calling. The firm also found that half of reported VoIP subscribers use the service in part or in whole for business (including 40 percent who use a PC-based service).

“This suggests that the rapid growth of users for client-based services like Skype and Yahoo! Messenger with Voice is also having an impact on incumbent service providers,” the firm observed in a statement released with the findings.

Among providers, Vonage continues to lead the pack with roughly 1.7 million subscribers but is trailed closely by Time Warner Cable at 1.6 million.

Skype leads the PC VoIP category (what In-Stat dubbed “client-based VoIP”) with 2.1 million active U.S. households. Microsoft’s Live Messenger platform gained more than 1.1 million houses at the end of the third quarter.