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Startup Zact Readies Flexible-Plan Cellphone Service

Redwood City, Calif. – Startup MVNO Zact is launching a flexible-plan cellphone service through its web site but plans to add retail distribution, a spokesperson told TWICE.

 The company is promoting flexible, adjustable voice, text and data plans that consumers can customize to their needs and adjust on the fly from their device at any time.

 Zact’s no-contract service will be available initially with the LG Viper 4G LTE and LG Optimus Elite Android smartphones at unsubsidized prices of $399 and $199, respectively. The devices are expected to be available in June.

 The Zact service runs on the Sprint network with 4G/LTE service where available in Sprint’s footprint.

 Key service-plan features include the ability for consumers to “create their own unique mix of talk, text and data and can even forgo buying a data plan altogether to instead buy an app-specific data plan for maximum savings,” the company said. 

 Consumers don’t have to worry about overpaying because they “will always end up with the plan level that is exactly right based on actual usage,” the company continued. For example, Zact will notify users if they are close to exceeding their plan’s limits and will be able to order more airtime from their device. And a “never overpay” guarantee automatically credits a subscriber for what they would have saved if they hadn’t purchased a bigger plan than was necessary.

 Other service features include:

 — Remote parental control to set curfews and apps and contact restrictions on kids’ phones.

–A sharing feature that lets users allocate a bucket of voice minutes, text, and data to as many devices as they want. A $4.99 monthly maintenance fee is charged per device on a shared plan.

 Zact posted demo videos to explain its service at