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Starlight Licenses Polaroid Brand For CE Products

(PLR), the owner of the Polaroid brand,
has reached a five-year licensing agreement
with Starlight Marketing Limited
to manufacture and sell Polaroid-branded
consumer electronics products in the
United States and Canada.

Starlight, which is a wholly owned subsidiary
of Starlight International Holdings
Limited, said it will develop a wide
range of Polaroid-branded consumer
electronics, including stand-alone DVD
and Blu-ray players, portable DVD players,
e-book readers, iPod docking stations
and home-theater systems.

Polaroid products from Starlight are
initially expected to contribute an estimated
$500 million in sales in the next
six years, IP Holdings said.

Starlight has more than 30 years of
manufacturing experience, designing
high-quality and innovative consumer
electronic products for reputable leading
importers and retailers.

In the past year, PLR has assembled a
family of partners for product development,
marketing distribution and licensing.