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Starlight Licenses Polaroid Brand For CE

Minneapolis -PLR

IP Holdings

LLC (PLR), the owner of the Polaroid brand, said Thursday it has reached a
five-year licensing agreement with Starlight Marketing Limited to manufacture
and sell Polaroid branded consumer electronics products in the United States
and Canada.


, which
is a wholly owned subsidiary of Starlight International Holdings Limited, said
it will develop a wide range of Polaroid-branded consumer electronics including
standalone DVD and Blu-ray players, portable DVD players, e-book readers, iPod
docking stations and home theater systems.

Polaroid products from Starlight are initially expected to
contribute an estimated $500 million in sales in the next six years, PLR said.

Starlight has more than 30 years of manufacturing experience,
designing high-quality and innovative consumer electronic products for
reputable leading importers and retailers.

The agreement with Starlight will help provide a wider range of
consumer electronics products, expanding the Polaroid experience for both
existing and new customers.

“We continue to break new ground in introducing simple, fun and
real products to existing and new fans of the iconic Polaroid brand,” stated
Scott W. Hardy, PLR president. “We’re impressed with Starlight’s innovative
product mix and R&D team who share our vision to expand into more digital
product categories that embody the spirit of Polaroid.”

In the past year, PLR has assembled a family of Polaroid partners
for product development, marketing distribution and licensing.

Products will be sold through “major retailers in the U.S. and
Canada later this year,” PLR said.