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Staples Stocking No-Return DVDs

Framingham, Mass. — Staples will begin carrying Flexplay Entertainment’s self-destructingDVDmovies next month.

The discs, manufactured with Flexplay’s time-limited technology, can be viewed for only 48 hours after removal from a special sealed pouch. After two days the DVDs become unplayable and can then be discarded or recycled.

Flexplay discs can be viewed on any standard DVD player and remain viable within the package for about one year.

Staples, the office supply chain, plans to offer the DVDs for $4.99 at its 1,500 U.S. stores. Initial titles will include “Semi-Pro,” “The Kite Runner,” “There Will Be Blood” and “The Golden Compass,” among others.

Flexplay uses a proprietary, patented adhesive to glue together the plastic disc halves that form a DVD. Removing the Flexplay DVD from its sealed package exposes the disc to oxygen, triggering a controlled chemical reaction that causes the adhesive to interfere with the ability of the DVD player’s laser to read the disc.

Flexplay has partnered with environmentally friendly recyclers, plastics suppliers and selected retailers to implement several closed-loop recycling options including consumer mail-in, prepaid postage options and collection points through local environmental organizations.